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:D Didnt turn out too bad in the end T:

Ok he's an old pal of mine but his prices are fair with everyone i'll be honest. A:

1) My mechanic has just fitted me a gearbox in my 2.4 diesel, never done one before but said he had to take out the engine and lift it off it's mounts to get the box out and the new one in :eek:

2) He's also inspected the whole of the van, under carridge, brake lines, suspension etc ... for pre m.o.t time

3) replaced a cv boot I:

4) cured a little water leak

5) fixed some bodged wiring

6) serviced

And the price i hear you all asking .............. Cheap !! :ILU:

Collecting it tonight after work and i cant wait to have my bus back A:

Anyone local to Stoke, give me a shout if you would like a decent job doing at a fair price. He is quality, i kid you not :D

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