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Hello everyone,

After about 7 months of saving i've finally got my own T5!! A: It's a 2010 2.0 102ps deisel pannel van, for the minute anyway. My plan is to convert it into a camper for my downhill mounting biking passion and for touring anywhere that's within road assess, i've set my self a deadline of nxt sep because i plan to take it to Bavaria Germany with the missus.
this is what im thinking of kiting it out with: rock 'n' roll bed (with seat belts)
fridge 12v
hob and grill
leisure battery
captain chairs

so thinking of going for the standard layout i.e like the caravella. some quezzies i have are can you get interior plastic pannel kits for the T5? i've found them for the T4 but not for T5's also something completely different, to get the best MPG when should i change up gears? help with these queries is much appreciated.

So, im glad i can finally call myself a T5 owner and looking forward to the challenges and rewards of it.

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