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Terms and conditions for ‘The Water Front Club’

In reading this notice: you are agreeing that you are over 18 years of age, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions as laid out in this notice. You also agree, that in the event of you breaking any of the rules as stipulated below, disciplinary action, as seen appropriate by the moderating team of ‘The Water Front Club’ will be enforced and in extreme cases forwarded to the Forum Moderation Team.

Please be advised in extreme and/or repetitive cases of contravention of the stipulated rules, you may be excluded from the forum permanently & without recourse.

As a member of ‘The Water Front Club’, you also agree to assist in the monitoring of fellow users with regards to the nature of the posting, and either request that their posting style is changed, their post edited to fall within the guidelines or report them to ‘The Water Front Club’ moderating team.

The Rules

* you may not post any pornographic material of an extreme nature
* you may not post any documents/pics/vids/links deemed illegal within the united kingdom
* you may not defame/flame/trollpost about any member who is not present/active within the forum.
* posts assaulting anyone on race, political/religious belief or sexual orientation are not permitted
* you may not defame/slander any other forum/organisation.
* if asked by member to desist from attacking them whether it be in jest or not you will do so immediately.
* swearing is permitted but will also be monitored.
* if asked to moderate your posting style/edit a post by another member please take heed as this will allow ‘The Water Front Club’ to run much smoother.

In addition to the rules above, all users of the ‘The Water Front Club’ will adhere to strict guidelines while using the main areas of the T4forum.

Any contravention will be deemed as a breach of the contract you have entered into and disciplinary steps will be taken.

‘The Water Front Club’ has been set up to remove this posting style from the main T4forum pages.

‘The Water Front Club’ is an area for friendly banter which we hope you will enjoy but also respect by adhering to the rules.

Admins Rules

You can swear : if you can get around the swear filter.

Other then that it's the usual forum rules:

http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2 but relaxed a bit.

This is not an elite club:just somewhere to have a bit of fun but please remember your still part of the wider forum community::cool:

So please bear this in mind when posting in the other forum areas.

*If you are part of this 18+ forum group and contravene the rules of the forum in other sections: I will immediately remove your posting rights from the rest of the forums: so please don't do this.

*Moderation in this area: please repect the moderators: you should know how far you can push it before someone gives you a kicking in a real pub: if you get a kicking in here: same rules apply; but theres no police other then the security: Conspiracy, Maude & Meatball.

*If you do take it to far you risk being reported by the Water Front moderators: I will eject you from the whole forum: don't come running to me or any other admin or mod you knew the risks when you signed up.

*Do not hit the moderator alert button as this will report the post to the moderators forum: they don't want to know: they've got enough work on and didn't sign up for this.

*This area is not for technical postings: do that on the main forum without the swearing.

So please folks respect the forum and your fellow members and just have abit of a giggle! :ILU:
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