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Taxed and Test till the end of march

The engine is a PEACH! or apple strawberry basically whatever your favourite fruit is! 170k miles, Its never let her down, the water level hasn't moved a MM since we've had it and the oil usage over the last 18months has been in the hundreds of milliliters rather than litres, and pulls really hard with no smoke of any colour.

Its got a tow bar.
The sunroof DIDNT leak until I decided to clean the rubber seal as was getting abit gunky but i must have disturbed it so ive had to seal it up.
Has the usual crusty bits for a mk3

Its now due a service and cambelt change, so probably ideal for a engine conversion in a van but you could buy drive it around for a couple of weeks if you wanted, or do the belt and service and it would be a good motor to haul the dogs around.

Be nice to get around 450 notes.

My number is 07971 444806

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