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Hi All , I am worried that I am asking something that should be obvious , and I,ve read up all the posts relating to DMF flywheels ,but maybe my problem is related , and its not the vacuume pump as I have a tapping pump already and am used to that sound but what I'm getting seems different and I'm hoping some of you could help me out ,

Yesterday sitting in traffic stopping and starting for about 20 mins all of a sudden in neutral I get a sound, mad loud , Like someone with a hammer action sds drill drilling in to my engine ! first for about 5 seconds , then for about 15 seconds and this time it seemed the van was vibrating and I could smell burning , the sound once again stopped but seemed to sound ratty and it seems that now I have a slight whine from the gear box , got going free from the traffic I got home without stopping again but as I parked up thought thing sounded nasty , while this was happening I remembered that about 3 months ago while also in traffic going through a toll booth in Spain I had the same thing ! at that time I figured the sound was coming from the guy beside me because as soon as I drove off and got above about 1500 rpm the sound disappeared and thing seemed OK until yesterday . Mines a 2001 , 2.4d caravelle with 280,000 miles on the clock recent Timing belt , oil change every 5/6000 miles . clutch and flywheel done by the last owner apparently about 20,000 miles ago , would be grateful for your thoughts
Best Neil
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