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What's as impressive as the view is that someone is actually using the paperclip / holder on the dash top tray for it's actual intended purpose! 😁
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My view from where our van currently sits ( in bits still)
Ahh mate..you've tried it for a pasty too?

Stu I haven't really a pic from a window 'cause I'm still doing this making wood smaller nonsense. But this thread sort of keeps the dream alive for me it's images from lofty to yours back home in kernow.

So a little tale from down the road from you 30 years back.........I used to go and see a roe buck , the cornish gentry I worked for back then all laughed at me," don't be so silly we don't have roe deer here it's a goat."...... .... ahh mate they ate their words when it ran right through the lot of 'em

the little things:cool:

so now I've taken your thread completely off topic ( so I can contribute) I can bung in an image:

roe bark....just like a dog..it's their warning call but rarely do they do that and not sod off.................This was the first that kept coming and didn't spook in a long long time of trying

_S2I9520Woof Smj TDn by Stuart Philpott, on Flickr

Drew that's a lovely spot I could do sommit with those apples that grow there ..................... now I see why you tell me about the birds and beasties around you ;) Maybe next year bro I might have an active bus and we might put together a vale X zommerset brew (y)

1281 - 1300 of 1330 Posts