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Why has the thread been closed ref the banning of forum members?

With ref to "people on the Brick-yard slagging this forum off" that smacks as the pot and the kettle black.

I have been very reluctant to use this forum and remaind an none registered member just before this big hoo ha about fees and then charging for a T4 Forum show. Seeing this has made me question just how much can it cost to run a forum?

I think people who have paid thier money and then been refused access to what they have paid for have every right to ask for their money back. You are making out that the money is for a service i.e information, selling goods etc. If they are`nt given that and are then in turn banned where has there dead money gone?

I have been involved in the vw scene for many years now and activly traded for about 5 yrs. In that time the amount of FREE advice and information I gave to people who never once thanked me, would have made me a millionare at £10 a pop.

A forum is a computer based descusion tool. We all seem to be loosing the plot some where and I really think its quite sad.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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