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I ordered some door seals from Tidy Transporters because of recommendations from the forum about Tidy.

16th May - Ordered them, status changed to despatched on the same day. Great.

30th May - Still nothing, and no email update, I email asking where they are. I get an automatically generated postage label pop into my inbox. They have now missed my trip and I'm annoyed.
So I email them again saying 'does this mean you are only just about to send them? Can I cancel and get a refund?'

I get

"ok i will get that cancelled and refunded for you.
No apologises or explanation, but fine.

9th June - no refund appeared, so I email saying I'm still waiting. I get one line reply back:

"A refund has been processed for you"

15th June - still no refund. I say I've check with the bank, nothing is pending, when did they start the refund?

They reply claiming to include 'proof' the refund is processing but cut off the date from the bottom. Unfortunately for them I also get an automated email from WorldPay stating the refund as only just been initiated today.

From reading on the forum I understand they've had a bad time with bad staff, but this is pretty basic stuff. I'm not asking for anything custom made, apparently the seals are in stock. The fact I had to chase them before they'd send it, and then ask three times for a refund and THEN they tried to lie to me saying they'd done it before now makes me not want to trust them again.

I'd also tried to book in a window fitting with them a few months ago, after not replying to emails at all, I rang up and was told they mainly just ship stuff out now rather than fitting themselves.

God knows what they actually do.
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