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Hi - there are a few threads on here regarding this, but can't seem to find any definite answers.

My exAA T4 yellow van has a few bumps and scrapes (Bristol traffic!). There is a little bit of surface rust coming thru on one or two wheel arches. And a little bit of rust at the top of the windscreen pillar. The van buffs up nicely with a bit of T cut.

It's not far enough gone to warrant a respray yet, but I'd appreciate advice on how to touch the van up.

I have already bought 3 x Rustoleum 'hardhat' top coat spray cans and 2 x Rustoleum 'hardhat' lacquer cans.

So - for surface rust, do i rub that back to bare metal, prime it then spray on top coat? Do i need to use lacquer too?
Would i spray directly on to the metal or do i put rust eater or something on first?
Once dry to i polish it in?

What about areas where the paint may be thinner - can I simply spray top coat on to that and buff it in once dry?

Dents I can't bash out - I have a tin of filler. Do i rub down the area to fill and give it a key, then fill. Once dry, sand down the filler (what grades of what type of sand paper?) then do i prime / undercoat / topcoat / polish?

Thanks in advance for any help



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Without going into huge detail as im off to bed lol....A few things you need to do if your having a go yourself. Always Key the panel your painting,sounds obvious but believe me,people forget,or dont know they need,thats for primer,paint,laquer.

Sand down rust to bare metal,treat it with rust eater,fill and inperfections with filler,or stopper (a finishing filler) .

use 80grit to sand down initial coats of filler as you get your dents feeling nice,go thru the grades,180,320,500. Finish it off smooth as possible make sure 80grit marks have gone,after youve rubbed down with 80,spray it matt black,thatll show you all the nasty scratch marks,use 180 over it and remove all the matt black.

Prime it all up,if you have bare metal i would use a etch primer first,then dry it off,dont key it just go over that with high build primer. Dry that off finish if with 800 wet and dry,then scotch brite the rest of panel,mask up and paint.

I would strongly suggest painting it with 2k paint,order the paint from local factors with hardener and thinners,hire a compressor and get a spray gun,away you go.

If aerosal is your only option,use the paint and be patient between coats,i would when its all covered and dry then lightly use a grey scotch brite,and laquer it.

Good luck
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