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Just changed the tow bar twin mount plate on my T4 as it was rusted out.

So I thought I would put a method on here , might help some one out.

Getting the plate out from behind the tow hitch was tough as the nuts had been on a while. Took a 24mm socket set and a big adjustable spanner to get them moving.

Once they were of the old plate was removed and I could then take off the electrical hook ups. The hook ups were isolated first, all my tow connections were easy to access in the back off my van so this was easy, it is important to isolate the electrics.
The nuts were also rusted so it was a hack saw for most of them.

Once the 6 nuts and bolts from the hook ups were off, I attached the new plate (£2.50,ebay) to the tow hitch with the 24mm socket set and spanner.
I then disconnected the hook ups, making note of the configuration of the cables, they were both the same. once disconnected I pushed the cables through the correct holes, keeping the rubber sheathing on each. The put the backing seals back on , then reconnected the hook ups. I also had a new hook up as one was broken (£2.39, ebay)

When the were both wired back up, quick check of the connections and there tight ness, no cables touching each other etc. Then re-clipped them back into there housing. To fix the hook ups back on to the tow hitch I had to drill the 3 holes on each hook up to 6mm as I only had new 6mm nuts and bolt, this was simple as they are plastic.
Nut and bot the hook ups up, tight. Job done. Looks much better.

Energise the circuit again and just to finish some hook up covers (£4.46, ebay for 2) to finish of.

Took a couple of hours.

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