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Hi all

I have just had my Ex AA 2.5 03 108k van serviced at a local garage and on the invoice they have supplied they have said that both front track control arm bushes are splitting and need replacing.

they have quoted £175 to do this.

firstly is this a good quote?
secondly, what are track control arms and what kind of job is it to do? i am a little mechanically minded and dont mind getting my hands dirty, is this something i could do or is there specialist tools required, also if i am to do this myself and idea on best place to get parts? (i am in Birmingham)

any help / advice / guidance gratfully recieved

thanks in advance


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track control arms = lower suspension arms.
the bushes that need replacing will be at the inboard end (ie away from the wheel).
to fit the new ones you will need a press, might work in a v.large vice.
To fit youve got to jack up, support van on stands at front, remove the lower arm from the van, (wheel off, disconnect lower balljoint from hub assy, possibly disconnect front antrollbar drop link from the arm then remove the inner mounting bolts on the vans chassis).
Old bushes need pressing out of the arm and new ones pressing in..
Guess your looking at an hours labour per side + parts..
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