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Due to my life style change ive got to down size so here is my nitro car up for sale.

its a 1/10 scale Traxxas Nitro Ruster rear wheel drive Stadium Truck.

this thing is great fun on road(with the sticky tires) or off road(ribbed and nobblys)
as the pictures show this isnt standard, most of the plastic parts have been upgraded to aluminium items and no longer uses a body shell as it has a rollcage(designed so a shell fits over the top)it has a 2.5 nitro engine with electric start(brand new one fitted) so no glow plug starter and no pull starter, just plug the starter "wand" in the back and press the button, easiest nitro ive ever had!

at the moment it needs abit of tweeking and cleaning as its been sat for a while but this will be done before any sale and it will be in full working order and ready to go

the car comes with all the bits and pieces ive accumulted over the years(not all for this car but the majority) so not only do you have the radio gear with the car you also get a hell of alot of spares(some second hand some brand new) and some tools, tool box, starter battery and two chargers, spare set of wheels, fuel bottle and the rest of my fuel if collected(not alowed to post it!)

theres too many spares to list but you can see from the pictures that theres a good supply.

all manuals and guides can be downloaded free from the traxxas website and theres loads of bits availale on ebay.com(a very popular car in the US)

im looking for £220 posted for all of the stuff and any other bits i come across

as usual, any questions just ask!

sorry for the quality of the pics, had to use my phone!!!

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