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I've sewn together the covers for my bed boards, they have strong cord attached in various places to enable the panels to be pulled down into place

The boards have 3" of foam attached (glued down), I intend to pull the covers taut and staple to the underside of the board

I also have some thin soft 1" foam with which I want to add some areas of relief. (sounds like I suffer from farmer giles) - the bar across the top of the cover, the two bolsters and the centre strip will all be raised, the two panels salvaged from the RX8 rear bench have the strings attached to pull them into the recess where the 1" foam is missing

I also have a load of wadding to cover the lot before adding the covers.

Question is this what the best way to assemble the various bits?

Having been originally advised not to try to sew the 1" foam to the panels that make up the covers first, I was thinking...

wadding around the 3" foam and board, glue the 1" to the cover and then join the two pieces.

now I'm thinking......

glue the 1" to the 3" then the wadding round that and cover the lot.

does it matter? is there a preferred/easier method?
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