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Dear Forum.

I am the owner of a 2004 SE TDi 130 - T5.
In the past members have been kind enough to point me in the right direction when my Caravelle fell in to ill health.
Unfortunately the mechanic that worked on the van did more harm than good and after legal proceedings I got my £3000 deposit back and a van that hasn't run right since. ( minus a hefty legal bill )

The vehicle was not used for a around a year whist legal matters were being dealt with.
It went back on the road in November. After a stupid incident of putting £10 of unleaded I got it going. I ran ok until the Turbo gave out!
( This was another thing the mechanic said that he had dealt with but didn't ) The shaft snapped.

I have sourced a recon Turbo for a company in Harrow ( recommended by TPS )
The Recon company suggested that the OIL PUMP should be changes as well due to potential oil starvation.

My new mechanic and I drained all old oil and found visible metal fragments. (presumably turbo fragments)
Then used a cheap oil and engine flush with new filter. This was considerably cleaner.
Then new fully synthetic oil and filter.
An oil pressure check was run before and after with an increase after the flush and new filters and oil.

What I would like to know is how do you know if the oil pump is faulty / not delivering the correct pressure to the turbo?
or is a turbo seen as a wear and tear part that goes after a number of miles ( 95K )
And do I need to change it because the Turbo gave out?

Please help

Once we get past the Turbo issue I have some questions regarding compression!!

Many thanks in advance

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