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Hi there friends... i was recently driving my t5 tdi 104bhp 2006 van, whilst going up a slight hill the turbo seemed to vanished and the van lost any pull-power. No dashboard lights as came on, the engine sounded normal, no engine smoke, steam or sweat, or unusal sounds from the engine at the time. For the remaining 10 mile journey the van could barely accelarate and it plodded along until i reached my destination with no apparent turbo or pull! I my unknowledgeable assumptions were that the turbo was knackered!?
Anyway, 3 hours later i had to return home in my van and the turbo-pull re-appeared and all seemed fine again. Right from start up the turbo was present. Good revs, no warning lights, and i was able to pull and accelarate past other cars as per normal! Weird.

Only thing i have noticed is that i am blowing more black exhaust smoke than normal and even when its in reverse gear. I have had the intermittent black smoke previously and done all the standard servicing to sort this out i.e. changed air filter, plugs, oil change, put fuel cleaner in the diesel tank. It was fine for a while until recently the dreaded black smoke reappeared regularly.

Is there a link between the turbo issue i experienced and my black farty smoke??? Any ideas what my problem might be?

I would really appreciate some help and advice from you wise jedis out there!

Kindest regards. Mat. :confused: :eek:
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