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Afternoon all,

Not posted here for a few weeks as we've been busy- Santa got brought us a new baby boy for Christmas!! Anyway, Im now getting back to the refurb of me bus & am after some help..

I have had a lovely new Austops lid put on & have bought a Necvox tv aerial as recommended by other forum members, the question is where do you reckon would be best place to mount it on the pop up roof?

I guess at the front would be best as it will be as high as possible when the roof is up- but it looks a bit pants there. If I put it at the back do you reckon the roof would obstruct the signal when raised?

The aerial would be much easier to mount at the back & also look neater. want it fitted permanently so I dont have to mess around with connectors & trailing wire etc.

If any of you have any advice I would be very grateful as Mrs Bdog likes her telly!!T:

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