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I also own a T25 that I started buying bit and bobs for, but the starter motor stopped starting and with the rust on it I gave up
I had bought some seats made up to fit the runners, drivers seat broke underneath so gave up on it.

Bought some Saab seats for the T4 which have wider runners on the bottom so are NOT a direct fit GRR
When I went to fit them I found that out and when I tried putting the original captains seat back in, it only went part way back.

Yesterday I thought...lets just see if the T25 seats fit...YUP!!! I didn't know that!
I do have to play about so they stop going back and forth on their own ( no catch ) plus fit the seat belt catch on somehow

So I paid out for 2 Saab seats I know don't want! Plus I have a spare captains seat ( bit grubby and worn without the seat belt catch ) sat here doing nothing

Wonder what else off the T25 fits :* :)
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