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Hi All,

Had a quick look around the forum and couldn't see an answer to this particular question, so here goes:

I have a T4 2.5 tdi swb, 9 seat, Synchro and to do 130kmh I'm showing ~ 3,460 rpm I'd like to reduce this but know that changing the 5th gear would be a serious / impossible task so I started looking at bigger wheels. My 1st requirement was to keep the profile quite high (our roads are not always so great) and a 16" rim looked good. Combined with a 215/65 tyre I would be looking at a shade under 6% increase in speed / rpm which would mean that what is now 120kmh would be just over 127kmh at the same revs - This would be great! So I spent a LONG time looking at new alloys and finally, after some time in PhotoShop, presented the "New Look Bus" to "The Management" ;) She immediately said she didn't like the look of the new wheels and why don't we "just get bigger tyres for the existing wheels"?? :*

Funny, isn't it how one can miss the obvious? Guess that's why I keep her on the books :eek:

So, I fired up the spreadsheet again and it turns out that a 205/75/15 tyre would give me a fraction more (6.33% vs 5.93%) increase in speed / rpm.

I'm thinking something like this would be a good start:

And so finally to the question(s):

  • Does this size tyre fit on the standard 15" steelies?
  • Has anyone fitted this size / type of tyre? and if so what can you tell me about the experience?
  • Do you think the road noise will be substantially louder than a pure road tyre?
  • Will the 20mm increase in ride height have much effect on the cornering / stability of the bus?
  • Is there anything else I should be aware of if I go ahead with this?

Thanks in advance


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Hey Mate,

I also have a 88bhp T4 2.5 TDI. Im doing a lot of highway driving all around Europe and i also want my van to rev less while doing highway speeds.
The one thing im looking into is remaping the engine before I go spending lots of money on new wheels.
Another thing i plan to do is block off the ERG valve and get my injectors done :)
Check this link out http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=408313#post408313
I hope this helps, i could just be talking a load of rubbish as im a new T4 owner and I have just started looking into ways to save fuel and make my van run better.

All the best
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