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Just after a general consensus as to which tyre profile to run based on experiences of what folk are already running?

Here's the set up (so far):

  • LWB T4
  • Full camping interior plus pop top
  • Sachs HD super touring shocks
  • T4s R Us 50mm lowering springs (and possibly lowering plates, depending?)
18x8 wheels

Obviously there's going to be differences where weight is concerned and who's carrying what.
Other LWB vans with similar interiors etc are sitting at a nice height with 50mm springs and I'm guessing the ride is pretty good.

Originally I was thinking of a 60mm drop but I now I'm thinking this will be too much for what I'm carrying, especially in a LWB.

Here's what I think; 245/40/18. I'd like to stick with the 245 width but am now unsure whether a 45 would be better than a 40 or whether this will still be too much on a 50mm drop and I should just stick with 40?

So, which tyre profile to run with the set up above? What's everyone else running?

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I've got an early T4 SWB running with 235/40/18 tyres on 60mm Pro-Sport springs, lowering plates with B4 shocks; drops it 70mm in total. When loaded, there's a 10mm gap from the tyre to the wheel arch and there's no rubbing.

Realistically though, I'd go with a taller 45 tyre for the 18's with the 50mm springs for regular heavy loads.
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