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Hi all, don't like seeing stuff go to waste any days so before they're banished forever - 4 R15's about to come off while the steels get a tidy up and some winter feet. Been off the van for an unknown period. Free to collect if you can use 'em and/or got any spare bits for a '96 Caravelle. West Wilts.

All look legal, and in reasonable enough order to get someone out a fix for the winter, can email pics.

2x Continental Contact 205/65 R15 99T about 6mm on one 8mm on the other, pretty even wear, slight cracking around tread edge.

2x Goodyear GT2 205/65 R15 99S about 5mm on both, tracking wear at worst spot is 1 to 2mm across outside edge of one, the other much better.
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