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Help needed.

Im torn between fitting either a Uber flux RIB seat or a Altair glide motion RIB seat as part of my van conversion. I have a couple of stipulations though, firstly the bed needs to be fully removable, secondly I have had a HiLo roof fitted and Im 6ft so I need to sit comfortably in the rear.

I would be grateful for advice from anyone who has either bed system fitted and what they believe are the pros and cons before I shell out my hard earned cash.

At the moment:
  1. Uber is the most expensive / unsure if its removable.
  2. Altair is removable / cheaper.
  3. Im unsure which system is lower in seat height.
Im swaying towards the Uber bed system at present.


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we have a Hilo and we fitted the SmartBed on rails, its not so much how tall you are it s if you have short legs and a long body if that makes sense.

The smarted reclines in four positions, so it may be ok. I suggest you find an owner near you with that combination for you to go and see.

The Smartbed is completely removable
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