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Introducing the first production sliding RIB seat!

Over the last year we have been developing our own patent pending system, named the UBERBUS Flux this enables the modified RIB seat to slide the full length of the van on the same rails used in the California and lock in any position (every 12mm) making it a truly versatile system.

With the RIB seat locked fully forward you can travel with your rear passengers directly behind the front seats in a car like configuration this will then give you a whopping 1.5m (SWB) or 1.9m (LWB) boot space for all your gear.

It will only be available for the 112cm RIB 2 seater at the moment but we will be working on the 150cm 3 seater over the next few months.

Single handed lock release

Here is a video of how easy it is to use, just a single handed operation to release the locks and the RIB glides effortlessly backwards or forwards.

We have had a few questions on how high our system is compared to a fixed RIB, well we have kept to the same height above the wheel arch as a standard RIB but as we have to raise the floor to accommodate the height of the rails this creates the overall feeling of it being lower.


Fully fitted system includes 2 x rails, rail covers and end caps, underfloor brackets, FLUX adaption frame and 112cm modified RIB with integrated headrests in VW fabric. Usual extras like ISOFIX and leather upholstery available.

SWB £4,300 inc. VAT LWB £4,400 inc. VAT

We can fit this with a new floor all in a day.

Supplement to add this system to our Future Classic package.

SWB £1,800 inc. VAT LWB £1,900 inc. VAT

Safety Tested

Our system for the VW T5 that allows the Scopema RIB 112cm seat to be fitted to VW rails has passed it's final round of testing to meet the EC Directive 76/115/EEC as amended by 2005/41/EC & ECE Regulation 14.07 for M1 category.
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