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Got what might be a silly question... but here goes....

I got my first ever T5 last May (yippee!) and it was nicely done inside, full width rock n roll bed in the back, no cabinets/electrics etc (no problem, I can add them). However under the bed is a kick board type arrangement which has in the middle a pull out drawer and either side is a speaker. Great for storage I thought.. unfortunately though when the bed is down, i have absolutely no access to the drawer as it remains back where the seats would be..... so unless i have orangutan arms and octopus legs getting things out of the drawers its a big no go.
How should these work? What do people normally have for these drawers? It seems a waste of space otherwise. Is it a case that I just need some extra long runners? In which case I'd be very grateful if someone can point me in the direction of where to buy them.
I'm just not sure what most people have here when the bed isn't in use, and the pictures of finished vans always show the beds up as seats...
all ideas welcomed!
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