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My new to me 2005 van is from Austria, some hotel in the alps, so its got a decent coating of rust on everything underneath (one fender had been replaced as well as some point, though otherwise the paint job above is original and no rust spots there). The wheel arches had been sprayed with the black rubber-asphalt stuff, but I wonder if this is even helpful. Won't the rust continue underneath?

I often use some sort of phosphoric acid solution for rust removal before painting old metal here, and I wonder if I should be spraying that on the rust, then covering with anti rust primer, and then some asphalt-rubber spray underneath? Or is there some better way to go about it? We have Rustoleum paint here too.

The underbody rust (and AC line that corroded under the clips) is definitely the downside of this van, but the engine being 158K km (which I checked with VCDS the ECU and was only off by 3km from the odometer) and otherwise good-to-great condition of everything else seems to balance it out.
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