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Hi, I have a 1997 Volkswagen T4, 1.9 TD, 68hp that i purchased a few months ago and i have a loud droning coming from the front of the van.
  • The droning sound rises in pitch the faster i go
  • Comes about when i exceed 40-50 kph
  • Pretty much disappears when around 100 kph but is still noticeable.
  • Does not go away when pressing down the clutch or changing gear
Upon buying i realized that the rear wheel bearings were grinding and the rubber grommet on the passenger side drive shaft had ruptured and had a ton of **** in it.
So I replaced the rear wheel bearings (tightened to the recommended torque) and replaced the passenger side drive shaft.
Tire pressure OK
I have bought some front wheel bearings and am planning to replace the current ones

If you have any ideas in what it could be i'm all ears :)
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