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I was trying to find some info on changing from Miles to KM on the digital readouts and on the vag-com yahoo group there were a few interesting suggestions, i wonder whether these will work for a T4 tomorrow will tell!

this is from a guy trying to changing his settings on his MFA to as his speedo is inaccurate since various performance upgrades.

...on my 95 Passat, with a none diagnostic
capable instrument cluster, you can hold the milage reset button in,
turn the ignition of and on, and the milage display changes to show 8
parameters. You step through them be further presses of the reset buton.
Now, to my way of thinking there would be little point in displaying the
parameters if there was no way of changing them. But here I have come up
against a blank wall, I can find no reference anywhere to these
parameters. It is possible that there is a similar facility with your
MFA, perhaps someone will be able to enlighten us! The reason I have
been exploring this is that periodicaly the speedo and rev-counter on my
Passat re zero themselves and sit at 15mph and 2000rpm when switched off
and then use these values as zero when you start up! It is somwhat
disconcerting to be driving at an indicated 55mph and 4000rpm when you
are infact doing 40mph and 2000 rpm!
I'll try this Mileage trick tomorrow as mine is still reading KMs

this is another post about how to adjust MPG on the MFA in clusters in a specific range which feature the "channel 3" in the instrument pane.

Adaptation -10
channel 03
The adjustment is limited.
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