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**** do i really spend this much time on here , i've become a van master jedi .
well at least i'm somthing . we've had the van 12months ah seems like only yesterday ,which means we bought another vw it went to our wedding stayed on honeymoon had a few quid spent on well i'd say essentialls power steering lowering and the wheels i'm not allowed to put on cos i bought them a month to early .
found out were pregnant and ended up meeting some really good mates . its made me set up meets for our local vw dub owners that includes all the aircooled crowd here in sunny fleetwood and stalking anyone who doesn't turn up or who has bought a t4 and doesn't come to our little meets .
its gone from blackpoolt4 inviting me to a meet in the middle of winter were only me him and my misses turned up to me setting up our first meet and on to the 22/8/09 watersports weekend at hangtime carpark fleetwood . My plan is to get a weekend at fleetwood were we have everyone from the area at one meet bbq's on the beach and a band or dj plus the usuall watersports stuff that goes on in the area .
all this and me and the misses are having our first child so who really knows if its gonna happen or not . i'm doing these meets on my own setting them up and hassling people all the time we've managed to hold somthing every month but i'm struggling to keep it fun as most people want beer on tap and want more than a car park i think .
lus of course there are well established meets and too be completley honest no one wants to set stuff up they just want to turn up take the rip and go home .
i'm not going to get jaded over this though , but it would be nice for someone to carry it on whilst i try and get my house in order for the new arrivall .
anyway i'm a van master jedi lets seehow long this title lasts .........

fylde coasters /[email protected] monthly meets and cruises when people aren't at santa pod .......T::D:D
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