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Hello, new on here and looking for my first van, so a hearty regards to all!

Hoping to get a T5 kombi so that we can also use it as our main transport (have two kids). Considering buying an ex-demo which would cost a bit more but should last us forever and we would make gradual upgrades.

The first thing we'll do is to get the van fully insulated - any suggestions for places near Bristol? Anyone have any experience with Vanworx or Bristoltransporters?

What I am really wondering is if I can keep the row of passenger seat we are keen on for the kids (2 +1) AND have a crash test bed with a further two seats in the back of the van. Anyone aware of beds that would cater for this? I thought SmartBeds from Bristol. Any ideas?

Just keeping an eye out for the perfect van for now :)

Thanks for any help in advance!
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