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Hi all, after years hiring motorhomes for festivals and camping trips it's finally occurred to me I should buy my own van, and I could do with some guidance from experts.
We are a family of 4, the kids are 11 and 6, and our 11-year-old daughter is severely disabled, has special needs and uses a wheelchair. We've been hiring motor homes for the last few years as she loves sitting in the van reading or watching movies while her brother tears around the campsite playing footie or being a cowboy.
We considered blowing our life savings on a California but having looked into it, I think we're better off getting a T5 conversion.
I know precious little about buying vehicles, so what should we be looking for and who is regarded as the best for conversions? Our requirements:
*Reliability is essential so I'm guessing we want a fairly new van, or doesn't it matter?
* Longevity - we plan to keep it for many years and use it most weekends
*it would be helpful, but not essential, if the van could be adapted for a wheelchair passenger. It's not vital as we can lift our daughter into a passenger seat, but it would make things easier and free up a seat for someone else (my mum often travels with us)
*we want something stylish, safe and child-friendly
*all mod cons including cooker, sink, fridge, DVD player/screen, water supply, parking sensors, good heating, banging stereo
*Don't need loo or shower
*must sleep 4 (mum can sleep in a tent next door, she snores)
*budget approx £30k
Any pointers would be most welcome.
Ps we could get a new California wheelchair adapted and the vehicle would be VAT exempt, so significantly cheaper - does anyone think it's worth doing that?
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