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Hi all

It's about time I started the wiring of my van, I've had all of the components for a while now. I am slightly confused by it all though!

So this is my understanding -

16mm from main battery, to 100a fuse, to split charge relay, to 100a fuse to leisure battery.
Then a cable also from main battery to pms 3. What size though and what size fuse? And then again what size cable and fuse from the pms to the leisure battery?

Also the 12v connection on my fridge just has crimped ends ( I assumed it would plug into a 12v socket) so from my pms3 do I just run a cable with crimps on and connect that way or can you buy a 12v plug end?!

Also are all switches on the negative side of cabling not positive like in domestic wiring?

And what's the best cable route - I have gone from my main battery under the cab floor to rear of passenger seat, should I just go inside the plastic trim on b pillar and across the ceiling or under the ply floor to the rear ( leisure battery going in end cupboard by rear drivers side wheel arch)

Any help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
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