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Hi guys, can anybody help. My van won't start from cold. Once it has been started it will start on the button all day, but as soon as she goes cold,(after a period of 8hrs or so) nothing. She turns over ok but won't start. I have checked all the glow plug circuit and all ok. I have however notice some air in the clear fuel line but i am unable to find anywhere where it could be gettin into system all flexi pipes ok etc. I have also replaced the non return valve on top of the filter. Everything seems to be pointing to fuel because i am not getting any smoke from exhaust for the first few seconds of cranking the engine. Also she will start with easystart and runs like a dream once started. does any one know how i can test the fuel cut off solonied cable. cheers guy
The van is a 1995 2.4d aab
hope you can help

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