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This is the new range of Vango airbeams we are stocking at JAS Conversions, after a very good year of sales and reviews we are stocking the new 2015 range.
This year Vango have expanded the range, this is due to listening to customers and what they want.
They have a cheaper model Idris and at the other end a more expensive Attar model.

We will also be doing package deals with Vango awnings been apart of the deal. We are supplying Reimo Multi rails in one of our package deals at half price, as we are a conversion company we can supply and fit your awning rali free of charge as well if collecting. For further details please PM me.


£399.00 RRP

Kela 2

£500 RRP

Sapera 2

£650 RRP


£750 RRP

Attar 440

£800 RRP

If anyone wants any advise or has any questions ( about awnings ;) ) please feel free to get back to me

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