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Just for a change this meet will be at the back of my house on the Tryst. There'll be a fire and I'll supply tea, coffee and marshmallows with skewers for toasting. You can also have a look at (the lack of progress on) my van

The Tryst is basically a big field so there's plenty of space to park up. Or even camp out if you want to

As usual everyone is welcome

Sunday 12th of November 19:30 - 21:00

To get there set your sat nav to Tryst Road, Stenhousemuir
If you're heading up from Stenhousemuir, turn right as soon as you pass the last house on the right, if you drive past the bollards you've missed the turn. Follow the track round to the right behind the houses and you should be facing the football ground. My garage is near the bottom of the track on the right. I'll have the door open and the lights will be on

Coming the other way from Bellsdyke Road, there are bollards completely blocking the left side of the road just at the begining of the houses. Turn left as soon as you've passed the bollards and you're on the Tryst

Gary D. don't go to McDonalds. It's not at McDonalds and it's the second Sunday in November. SECOND SUNDAY IN NOVEMBER
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