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Today I thought I'd check and adjust the idle on my 2.5 ajt, the value is at 32768 as stock but idles at 750rpm (smells a bit) using the up/down it would only go as high as 32818 @ 816rpm and the timing sat at 62. At 750 the timing bounces between 52 and 58. I returned the value back to stock.
It's a little lumpy when cold but purrs nicely when warmed up.
Now heres the thing, when I now try to go to basic settings it's blanked out and I can't use the tdi checker.
Van is running ok but should I change the value of the idle until 903rpm is achieved or will that in turn cause the timing to run too fast, or should I just leave as is and put up with a slightly lumpy idle?
Thanks in advance
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