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Despite the "lock-down", I have to say today along with a few of my neighbours this afternoon we had a drink to celebrate VE Day. Obviously we observed the social distancing guidance. Other neighbours were doing similar & there was '40 music filling the air.
Although none of us were alive then, all our parents were & somehow I felt a great sympathy for them all. Can't explain why I felt like that, but to ALL those who paid the ultimate price & those that suffered as a result of it I doff my cap & thank you all.
No doubt there will be people out there who think that sort of behavour is irresponsible, but I would say sometimes you just have to do something you feel is "right".
My wife works in the NHS & my daughter works in a Manchester hospital ICU unit so I do appreciate the implications of what I partook in today, but ..............

To all those who played a part or faught I salute you all 👏
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