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Hey fellow T4 dudes. My T4 2.4 went through a chugging episode on the way down to Somerset a few days ago. I slowed down from 75 to 65 and all seemed ok, about 150 miles later another short chugging episode happened only this time the dreaded coil light began to flash. I have since driven a few miles around Somerset and all seems well (apart from coil light) - I've checked all lights and all is good. I have to drive to London on Saturday, and then to Liverpool on Sunday, and all with my wife and our 9 week old son - will we be safe do you think? Should I just stick to 60?

On a seperate issue the last MOT picked up a faulty indicator wire, since then the ticking noise of the indicator stays on now and then and on the same journey mentioned above, I noticed a puff of smoke coming out of the indicator!! Should I be worried?!

Thanks in advance to all T4 gurus!!!
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