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I'm "new" here and earlier i have only read this forum but now i can not found solution to my problem.

For introduction: I'm from Finland and my daily drive is VW T4 2.5TDI Synchro and now i'm planning to build Crafter 2.5TDI camper van (if it works technically someday).

Today's problem is injector. Car is with 2.5 liter, diesel, BJK (80kw), about 320tkm, 2007.
Autocom gives error code: 17646/P1238 - Fuel Injector for Cylinder 2 (N31): Open Circuit
I have changed injector, i measured wires from injector to ECM and those seems to be fine.

What can cause this error and how can i find where this issue is?

There is other problems too but i'm not sure if those are related to injectors:
1. Idle is very rough and engine wobbles pretty much (when increase engine rpm above 1000 then engine is running very smooth)
2. On idle car smoke little bit of grey smoke and on high rpm little bit of black smoke but it could be normal.
3. Engine overheated couple of times before it came to me but it seems that this problem is solved (coolant system was full of brown stuff and i rinsed it several times). All liquids are where they should be so i think there isn't any damage.
4. When starting engine it runs few seconds and stalls without throttle (with little throttle at first it runs and stay on idle without stalling).

Somethings I/earlier owner have done:
1. DPF and EGR have removed (mechanically and programmed)
2. New lambda sensor
3. New timing assembly with water pump
4. New air filter and other basic stuff

I'm so glad if someone could help me :) Thanks!
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