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VW Expo at Stonor Park June 5th

Hot off the press...

Following on from last year's success we have expanded the Concours event to include a seperate class for T4's and T5's...


The Concours d’Elegance is open to the following VW vehicles and those of its associated marques:

Class 1 pre 68 Classic Tp1/Tp3
Class 2 pre 68 Classic Tp2 (T1)
Class 3 Classic Cabriolet/Karmann Ghia
Class 4 68 on Classic Tp1/Tp3/Tp4
Class 5 68 on Classic Tp2 (T2/T3)
Class 6 Modified Classic Tp2 (T1/T2/T3)
Class 7 Modified Classic Tp1/Tp3/Tp4
Class 8 California Look/Resto-Cal
Class 9 Buggies, Baja’s and Rails (& other kits)
Class 10 T4/T5 Transporter (open)
Class 11 Unmodified Water-cooled
Class 12 Unmodified GTI (inc VR6 & 4Motion)
Class 13 Modified Lupo/Polo
Class 14 Modified Golf1/Jetta1
Class 15 Modified Golf2/Jetta2
Class 16 Modified Golf3/Vento
Class 17 Modified Golf4/Bora
Class 18 Modified Golf5/+/6/Jetta (inc Touran)
Class 19 Modified Scirocco/Corrado
Class 20 Seat/Skoda (open)
Class 21 Audi/Porsche (open)
Class 22 Pride & Joy

The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes if entries total less than three in any class. Resto-Cal entries in Class 8 shall have accessories applicable to the car’s age or at least have the look of the period they represent. Open classes are for modified and unmodified vehicles of the type. All fitted tyres should be a set of the same make and tread pattern*. All wheels should be a set and of the same type as those that were fitted as standard, or as an option, at the time of the vehicle’s production*. Cars for sale will not be allowed to enter the Concours arena.
*This does not apply to modified and certain performance vehicles.

The full version of this document will be sent to last years entries, and will be available on the ABVWC website shortly - www.abvwc.co.uk

We have space for 12 vehicles in each class (except Pride And Joy), so if you want to be in the competition you'll need to book early. Pre-booking for the concours will give you entry to the show for a mere £3.00 per vehicle. If you turn up on the day you are welcome to drive upto the arena (before the noon deadline) after you've paid the full admitance at the gate - and you'll still need to pay the £3.00 to enter the Concours event. If the class is full you will be directed to the Pride and Joy line up which runs along the back fence of the arena.

A Club Display area is available at £45.00, as the Forum is no longer affiliated to the ABVWC.

Unfortunately Camping is only open to ABVWC affliliated club members and is pre-book only as there is limited space, but there are a number of good camp sites nearby, but you'll need to book early.

* www.swissfarmcamping.co.uk
* www.hurleyriversidepark.co.uk
* Four Oaks Caravan Club site, Henley - 01491 572312
* Bridge Villa International Camping Park, Wallingford - 01491 836860
* St Peters Campsite, North Moreton - 01235 519944

As more info comes on stream, you'll be the first to know

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Cordwallis have stepped in to sponsor and judge Class 10 in the Concours D'Elegance, that's T4 & T5...

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We've got limited space for a T4 Line up - if you want to be in a line up please PM me for some specific info or you can enter the Concours for £3.00 (pre-booking only).

All the info is on the AWVWC Stonor Park Facebook page or on the ABVWC website


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Prebookings for the Concours so far are as follows, with one week to go...

class 1 pre68 Classic Air-cooled = 4
2 pre68 Classic Type2 = 1
3 Classic Cabriolet and Karmann Ghia = 5
4 68on Classic Air-cooled = 2
5 68on Classic Type2 = 5
6 Modified Classic Type2 = nil
7 Modified Classic Air-cooled = 2
8 Cal-Look and Resto-ca = 10
9 Buggies Bajas Rails and Specials = 1
10 T4 and T5 Transporter = nil
11 Unmodified Water-cooled = 5
12 Unmodified GTI VR6 4motion = 4
13 Modified Lupo and Polo = 1
14 Modified MK1 Golf and Jetta = 2
15 Modified MK2 Golf and Jetta = 3
16 Modified MK3 Golf and Vento = 5
17 Modified MK4 Golf and Bora = 2
18 Modified MK5 Golf and Jetta = nil
19 Modified Scirocco and Corrado = 3
20 Seat and Skoda = 1
21 Audi and Porsche = 5
22 Pride and Joy = 14

The total of 77 compares with 36 entered by May 16 last year.
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