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Hi fellow enthusiasts - and greetings from Denmark!
I really need a piece of good advice.
I just bought an 8-seater VW Transporter Kombi. Its a T5, 2.5 TDI 4Motion (LWB) that I got cheaply from the military.
It is from 2007/8 with 200,000 km on the clock.

The good part: It runs amazingly well. Engine does not get too hot or anything.
The bad part: It has suffered through some serious abuse by the (no-doubt brilliant) young drivers employed by its previous owner (the military).

I have taken a few pictures of the van here, and it isn't exactly pretty: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zmjoHNpk7AYP6-D5FbttXorw6FdB8sGS?usp=sharing

My plan is to rescue it somehow. I feel confident that I could fix all the cosmetic stuff myself (dents, rust, paint, interior, trim, seats, etc.) and actually that part is not terribly important to me. Im quite happy to drive an ugly car - as long as it runs well (and is a VW Kombi!). However, I do not have the skills to do all the mechanical fixes needed, so for that I'll have to find a mechanic that both can and will!
I'm considering, for example, driving it off to Poland or somewhere elsewhere abroad and leaving it there in some (hopefully) capable hands for half a year or so. Thinking I might get pretty far with a mechanical renovation for, say, 5000 pounds?

Right now, our own mechanic here in Denmark is busy giving it new brakes all the way around and fixing the odd bits that are needed to get it road worthy and thus be able to get license plates on it.

He (our mechanic) thinks it's a completely insane project.

Of course, when he said that, I seriously wondered if I should really just get rid of the thing ... but on the other hand: I think it's an awesome van, and I would be both proud and happy to somehow be able to fix it up as a weekend camper - perhaps even pay for a pop-top to go on? And also, he (our mechanic) doesn't have the "VW Kombi dream" at all, so he can't see the point of saving the darn thing ;-)

In fact, he even said that it was fundamentally stupid to convert any 4x4 into a camper - and Im guess that a few of the T3 Syncro folks out there might tend to disagree on that.

All in all; I really need a good second opinion from a fellow VW Kombi enthusiast who, unlike me, really knows the mechanical side of things: Could this project in any way be a good idea? Should I throw the many many hours and lots and lots of money at it? - Or should I really be running away screaming at this point?

Im particularly nervous about the undercarriage - is it simply too much rust for it to make sense for anyone to try to save the van? (see pictures)

Hope somebody out there can help with a piece of good advice. I really need it!

- Jeff
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