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Hi all,

I am not new on this forum but I never posted anything so I didn't have had the chance to say hello so I will take this opportunity to do it.
I am a owner of a 1.9, 56 plate diesel. Since I have bought the car(second owner, 160.000 miles) I had a few problems whit her.
In 2010(starting to lose coolant) I took it to vw dealer to have a look at her. While they striped the head off they noticed worn turbo propellers and advised me to change it(which I did), they have changed the turbo and the head gasket and put it back together(everything done for about 2800 pounds). After about 3000 Km the problem reappeared so I took it back and they have fixed it for free(nothing big just some sort of gasket somewhere at the back of the engine). Not long ago at about 250.000 miles I had the gearbox changed. All god till it started to lose coolant again, so I took it to a mechanic which striped the engine bare to find out a crack in the piston compartment. He recommend me to have the cylinder rebored and sleeved(all done at great expenses), anyway he put everything back together but it wont start. After half a day trying to fix it he managed to get her running but since then I have the following problems:

At cold start it was struggling to start and a big thick cloud of white smoke was coming out of the exhaust( problem solved by changing the engine coolant temperature sensor)
At this moment she still struggle to start. Changed the glow plugs, maf sensor, fuel filter but still the same.
Another problem is that is building very big pressure(not vacuum) in the fuel tank.
I have tried to explain at my best knowledge so if any of you had similar problems please help.
I am also looking for a good mechanic in Luton.

Thank you
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