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VW T4 800 special 1.9td with tailgate.

The van has done 159,000. Timing belt was changed at 132,000. Just before I bought it the glow plugs were changed.
It has new rear shocks and springs, new rear brakes, recent oil change. This is a virtually rust free T4!!
Sitting on 18 inch BBS replicas.

MOT until March 27th 2020. It will need a few bits to get through. This is what I know is wrong:

The downpipe heat shield is rattling
Will need 2 new tyres on the front (at least)
Heater needs some fettling
Front ball joints need replacing
You can only change to third gear on the way up, not down. Previous owner said it was bushing issue rather than the gearbox itself - I’ve driven the van as a daily driver and the gearbox is sound.
Carpeting in interior isn’t done brilliantly and is only 90% done
Windscreen has quite a few chips but it did get through the last MOT
A few more small bits.

Don’t get me wrong, you could drive the van away no problem. I just want to be as honest as possible.

Based in Leeds.





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