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Here is the sale of my beloved T4. I have had it since March 2012 and spend thousands on getting it to where I want it. I have taken it and shown it in many of the shows and used it a couple weeks a year for camping trips. I am only selling as I am after a cheaper vehicle for my fiancée to commute to work in.

Here is the spec:

1996 P Reg

1.9td with 135k, only part service history. I have had it serviced every year for the last 3 years but I am unsure on the history prior to my ownership.

It has had the turbo and fuel tweaked slightly to give it a tiny bit more power for steeper hills.

Goes well at 80 all day. I have done some long trips in it and it has never missed a beat.

Has just been MOT and serviced 01.08.14 and I have an agreed value of £11,500 on it

Inside is a full campervan conversion, rock n roll bed table, stove, cabinets, all the usual. The V5 has been amended to motorhome. The cabinets have been custom made and colour coded in gloss to go with the van. It is fully insulated and carpeted. There is a 110ah leisure battery which runs the TV, PS2 and lights. Also there is a full sound system which runs off the leisure battery. This goes very loud and will last for 4-6 hours on max volume and max charge. There is no hookup with this van, I manually recharge the leisure battery. There is bar optics on the cabinet wall, makes great for parties! The rock and roll bed does not contain seatbelts, however, I’m sure you could bolt some on, I have never needed to so have not looked into it.

The seats are full leather Saab 9-3 seats, passenger on a swivel base. The cab area has been fully painted and carpeted to go with the rest of the van. The dash has been flocked (a velvet style finish) and the stereo comes with hands free Bluetooth. Also there is central locking and an alarm installed.

The paintwork is in great condition, there is no rust and I have had all the arches re-sprayed and any rust sorted only a couple months ago by autostyl. The colour is indian blue with a gloss black roof and 2 tone bonnet and spoiler. The wingmirrors have been changed so they are identical and sprayed gloss black with spiked end bolts inserted. I have highly looked after this van with regular polishing and waxing, also scene taping it up regularly to avoid stone chips and it shows as the paintwork is in great condition.

It has a custom suspension setup, allowing it to go as low as you could possible want. In the first photo is how low I used to have it but I decided to raise it up for the sale as the ride was a bit harsh. The wheels have been cambered, shortened shocks installed and arches cut down and rolled. This is a very unique bus and there are almost no others that have had these modifications done. It is great if you want run low and stanced or even if you just want a bit of lowering, you will never run into any issues with this bus and always have a comfortable ride due to its unique setup.

It comes on borbet a wheels. Not the wheels in the first photo! The centres have been sprayed silver and the lips polished.

Number plate is included in the sale, so are the blinds to camp with.

One bad point is that the oil light has been flashing since I have owned the van. I have tried having the alternator rewired amongst other stuff but it still remains on. I have never had a problems rise from this.

Otherall this van is perfect if you want to take it away and stun people at shows, or if you just want a lovely van to spend weekends camping in. I have never had an issue with it and done a 2 week journey around France with it in 2012, it has never missed a beat.

May consider a p/x. Try me!

Feel Free to contact me for more info. 07706162913

£9300 ono, May Px.

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