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Hi, some of the members from the old board back in the early days might remember me and my van. Sadly due to lack of use and a very small driveway(its not really even a driveway) I'm going to have to sell my van. I've had a lot of great times in it and will be sad to let it go. Anyhow...

Sorry pics aren't great as I haven't had time to clean it.

Its a 1.9td ABL. An exchange engine was fitted back in 2005/6(can't remember) its done about 25k on the new engine. I've just fitted a new oil cooler and Glowplugs(not Fun) and rocker cover gasket. Its had an oil change 50 miles ago. Last year it had fuel filter, air filter and pollen filter and has only done about 2000 miles since then.

MOT is up in July but will put a new one on before selling it.

The bodywork is excellent and i've seen very few in as good condition. There is some rust around the windscreen from where its been changed at some point.

In the front are a pair of audi TT seats. In the back is a fold out bed with metal frame which I designed. It can be put down in about 3 seconds and up in about 15 seconds. It has a split charge but Ideally needs thicker cable fitted.
Hand Pump Sink. two Units and plenty of storage under the bed. The walls are Insulated and Lined with carpeted wood.
I Was going to put windows in but never found the need and found it more secure without.

Has a stainless Decat.

Aftermarket rear lights

Wind deflectors

Tinted Windows

Bonnet bra.

Also have german Pressed plates to include.

50mm at the back with generic yellow German ebay Dampers all round. Small front Bump Stops. I used to ride it really low and will chuck in the springs I used.

Gear stick extension.

The wheels are RH toplines Not merc wheels(although they have merc centre caps at the Mo). They really suit the van and set it apart from all the Usual wheels.

Bad points:
Small chip in windscreen. Not an Mot failure.
Little crack in airbox lid so makes a little induction noise.
Maybe due a new accelerator cable as the current one is a bit slack.
slight touchup around one of the rear door hinges.(I always forget its even there)

Theres probably loads of other stuff to say about the van but that'll do for now. Heres some pics sorry Haven't cleaned it.

I'm looking for £3850 with the wheels or £3500 with other some 15 or 16" alloys. I'll take another £200 off if I can keep the bed. Based in Norwich.

Heres what it looked like back in 06 with the lower springs on, since then its had well over a year off the road due to house moves and other things taking up time and has been back on the road since july last year-


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Not sure really. Been a long time since i've tried. I get about 130-150miles off £20. Mainly short Journeys. It hasn't been on a good haul for ages.
If ya interested give me a call on 07736 312940.


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