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With the recent talk of the UK Clean Air Zones and congestion charges it seems that the VW T4 Transporter falls out of the new regulations that is likely to come in force in the coming years. As to my experiences I have found that my road tax has increased from £350 to just under £500 in the last few years and it's likely to increase even further.

Having thought and seen people convert the T1, T2, T3 and T5 Transporter I was curious to know if there has been anyone on the forum who has carried out this to the T4 and what their experiences were.

T1 -
T3 -
T5 -

Can anyone clarify if they had any problems with getting their V5C's changed from a Diesel to an electric engine and if anyone has managed to get their road tax changed to a zero emission rating and succeeded in lowering their road tax. The other part of this would be is how the insurance companies have handled these changes and who the best company would be to get insured with this this type of drastic modification.

I would like to keep my T4 for the future and if it means to carry out this change to ensure that the T4's remain visible on UK roads and keep the strong following we have.

Technical specifications gathered for electric conversion are as follows:
Model: VW T4 Transporter
Engine Size: 2.5 TDi ACV (75kW @ 3500 RPM : 102bhp)
Torque: 250Nm (184 lbf.ft) at 1900 - 2300 RPM
Weight: 2890kg GVM (including weight of engine and fuel tank etc.)

From the engine specifications for an ACV, a Tesla motor would be perfectly suited for the torque requirements, however there would be a requirement to check what the optimum battery capacity would need to be for a suitable battery storage capacity. There could be an alternative to select a Nissan LEAF motor, but this is a lower spec than the ACV engine.

Requirements for a conversion would be:
  • Electric motor for main drive (potential requirement for gearing system for speed reduction and torque increase)
  • Inverter/motor management system
  • Battery storage including Battery Management System
  • Vacuum pump for breaking system
  • Hydraulic pump for power steering
  • 12V power source for windscreen wipers and all other standard van parts inc. lights and indicators etc.
  • Central ECU system to manage whole system for driving and controlling all parts
This is likely to be a project that is likely to be costly, however it should be beneficial if there is interest for a workable solution.
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