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Hey all!
Just thought I’d share my idle fix on my T4 which I haven’t seen pop up on the forums before.
Ok so had an idle problem on my t4 it would go up and down like a yo yo on idle and take time to drop on dipping the clutch, first thoughts were to come online and look at how I could rectify so starting with my breather hoses I changed them van worked for a couple of hours then same problem so I took off the ecu cleaned out the small bit of pipe inside and still the same problem after that I sent off the ecu and that came back ok so after that I went on to change relay 30, ISV, coolant temp sensor, oil pressure switch, throttle cable, plugs, distributer, leads, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, air filter cleaned throttle body and re sat that then while doing that took off the breather again and blew through it and there was a cackley noise and out came some gunk.
What had happened was and even though I cut the breather originally to the same length as the old I fitted it with a slight bow in so almost straight away gunk was getting trapped in the bow and causing the same issue, now I’ve fitted a new bit from the ecu, to the t piece by the block angled slightly down towards the t piece and all is well, so a worthy note for the inexperienced like me if you fit new breather make sure it’s routed well with no bows or you could be faced with the same problem almost immediately.
All the best
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