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Roll-up roll-up,
ladies and gentleman,
Boys and girls of all ages!

Here we have for sale my lovely VW T4.

I bought it as a scabby van with the intention.of converting it into a camper,
I got as far as building a ramshackle bench / fold-out bed in the back and we did the rounds of Devon & Cornwall.
It's still scabby.

The bed is now removed and I've since used it as a motorcycle race transporter and transport wagon for building supplies whilst I'm revamping my house.

Oh the memories, but alas, it's time to move it along.

Other than a bit of work to get it through MOT's it's been utterly reliable, until the battery stopped charging...

VW T4 Transporter SWB Van, 1.9D, Mreg, 199,000 miles,
Dark red/maroon, roof rack, half bulk-head, part ply'd and carpetted, front captains chairs, generally tatty in appearance but structurally sound.

No MOT, no tax.

MOT failures including but not limited to:

Fr Brake pads & lines,
Rear Brake imbalance + siezed load sensor,
Brake pedal creep,
Rear shocks,
Leaky exhaust front-most pipe, not headers (requires clamp setting),
Cracked windscreen,
Blebbed tyre (think the spare is OK though).

Hazards/Indicators don't flash,
Passenger door sticky,
O/S steering gaiter.

Oil or diesel leak,
Ball-joints a little baggy.

Other issues:
Charging circuit has failed somewhere (alternator?),
Would like a service and some belts.
It's not pretty, odd scratch, crash wounds and rusty arches.

Other than starting it a couple of times it hasn't done anything since August.

Any questions please contact me by message and I will reply within 12hrs.
Van isn't at home address, so viewing by appointment weekday evenings or weekend days.

It aint pretty, but could make a nice van for someone who is willing to spend a few hundred in parts and do some home spannering.
Unfortunately I don't have the time, facilities or inclination, otherwise I'd have been glad to keep it.
Better the devil you know as it were, hence me giving a transparent description.

Thus: this vehicle is spares and repairs, not in a roadworthy condition and I would recommend trailer pick-up, although ultimately it's your choice as once you've bought it, it's yours!
I will take no responsibility for your imprisonment or untimely demise.

£750. Just off J25 M1 (Derby/Nottingham).

Contact via here or to: team pork chop @ gmail .com

Buy it before it goes on eblag and I am forced to deal with gibbering retards.

(Pictures to follow)

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Any questions feel free to post in this thread.
Also my gmail seems to not like Android at the moment, so best to PM me on here.
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