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Unfortunately the time has come to sell my van.

It's a 2003, SWB, 2.5tdi, 888 Special. I've owned it since 2009, previous to that it has had 3 other owners. I have re-registered it with the DVLA as a motor caravan and it is London LEZ exempt. Has a full service book from new, and invoices for the 10 years I've owned it, but unfortunately not prior to this as the previous owner lost them. It runs like clockwork.

It's a 2 berth campervan, obviously you could add a double up front if you wanted, but we've had it set up for the 2 of us. I've taken great care of this van, it has no rust, there are no holes drilled in the dash etc. I've kept it as clean and genuine as possible whilst adding my own touches. The van storage units, built by myself, are fully removable if needed e.g. you need to transport big items. Solar works great, we only use it to run the stereo, lights and charge phones, but it's capable of much more.

Mileage currently at 109,855 but this will shift slightly as it gets occasional use.

Van is in SE London (Beckenham) and I'm looking for £9000 ONO for it.

Any questions send me a PM on here.

H&R lowering springs (2010)
EGR delete (2010)
Timing belt, water pump & diesel belt (Always done as required, most recent: Mar 2017)
Full stainless PPT decat exhaust (2018)
New alternator (genuine Bosch) (Dec 2018)
New rear discs and pads (Jan 2019)
New lower suspension arms & track rod ends (Apr 2019)

Badgeless grill (can supply badged grill with the van if wanted)
Clear indicators.
Pressed metal plates.
Heko wind deflectors.
18" Keskin KT5 alloys.
Sliding door extension (body coloured).
Towbar & electrics for bike rack, never used to tow. (2011)
New windscreen (Jan 2014)
Full respray in VW LL6T Friesian Green (2017)
New side window by AAW in Poole (May 2017)
Stainless sidebars from 'Vee Dub Transporters'
Awning rail.

Xtreme Van headlight upgrade loom.
Stebel Nautilus air horn.
Auto Watch Alarm & Immobiliser and Electric windows installation by Martyn (Travelvolts)
Leisure installation by Martyn (Travelvolts):
1 x 150w Solar Panel
1 x Xplorer 120AH Leisure Battery
1 x Ablemail MPPT unit.
2 x flexible reading lights.
2 x usb charging points.
1 x 12v socket​
4x LED lights in van, 2 x LED lights in tailgate.
Kenwood DAB & Bluetooth headunit (KDC-X7200), with DAB aerial & hands free calling (2018)

FASP swivel on passenger captain chair.
Full width Bluebird R'n'R bed, no seatbelts, not suitable for passengers.
Captains chair seat covers, removable (2011)
Genuine door pockets with speaker pods, bellows etc.
Kitchen pod, with Smev 9222D (2 burners & sink), designed & built by myself (2013)
Fiamma table base, leg and tripod stand.
Bespoke round oak table.
R'n'R reupholstered (2018)
Van-X side curtains (2018)
New tailgate curtains, same fabric as cushions (2018)
Bespoke van units, designed & built by myself.
Additional storage under R'n'R and cubbies either side of the kitchen pod.
Headlining reupholstered in hessian.

If wanted these can be agreed at an additional cost.
Reimo tailgate tent.
Silverscreens cab window thermal covers.


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I am looking for a new van, my budget is £8000, would this be of interest? If so let me know and I will try to come and have look next week

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I've updated the fact that although I don't have invoices for the van from new, it does have the stamped service book from new. I have invoices for the 10 years I've owned it but unfortunately the previous owner lost the older invoices.

Also depending on sale price there is a set of steel wheels that can come with the van, as well as various spare parts from over the years (badged grill, wing mirrors etc).

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Lovely van Donecan, shame you needed to sell. Hope you got near your asking price ?
Interested cos I have a similar one, same year but with 67,000 miles.
Can I ask about your Nautilus horn as Ive just bought one and wondering how best to fit it ?
Replace stock horn or fit alongside to have the option of a toot , or a blast on the Nautilus when you really need it

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Just scanning the sale adds so I imagine you’ve fitted it by now but if your van came with twin horns it should already have the relay ( mine did ) so you can just swap the wires.
I also relocated mine up by the expansion bottle
As they don’t like water .

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Hey veedub,

Thanks! And yeah I managed to get what I was after ta!

The Nautilus is great, I plan to fit one to the T5.1 when I get a chance.

Mine came with a relay, and since I only had the basic original horn down in the wheel well, I traced the wiring back up to a bit of free space behind the passenger side headlight and the battery. I installed the relay alongside the engine bay fuses there, and made a bracket that allowed me to have the Nautilus suspended from the crossmember at the front of the van...plenty of spare bolt holes to make use of there. One bolt and I could then remove the Nautilus to get the starter battery out etc.

As Richie says, get it up in the engine bay in the dry, they're much happier there!

I've heard of people having a dual horn, but I'd wire the Nautilus in as your main horn...as you often need the volume when you react in an emergency to something, and the natural reaction is to go for the middle of the steering wheel (well, mine is). Then you could have a dash mounted swtich for the old horn as a courtesy beep when needed?

Good luck with the install!

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Thanks Donecan, was going to do mine the other way round, button on the dash near left hand for the Nautilus, but think I will change to your suggestion. One emergency blast on the new horn could be a life saver. Like your idea of mounting it high and dry near the front. Will take some pics , and er, the obligatory before and after movie when i do it.
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