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For very reluctant sale is my 1998 VW T4, 2.4d Syncro with MOT till the end of May, with NO ADVISORIES. (I has been driven very little since the MOT which is partly the reason for sale).

All pictures can be seen here! - https://imgur.com/a/pUP9i

Circumstances, and the fact I just bought an old mk1 caddy, are forcing my hand in getting rid of the best vehicle I’ve ever owned, a true work horse and I wouldn’t think twice about jumping in her and taking it on a journey anywhere in the country and beyond with full faith in her to complete it. I’m not in a particular rush to sell so won’t entertain any silly offers, I just don’t want to see her sitting on my drive not getting used.

2.4 Diesel, Syncro (We will get on to that late) Barn Doors, Single Sliding door, Captains Seat + Double, 3/4 rock and roll, cabinets and leisure battery.

Averages around 650 miles on a full tank which equates to 37 MPG and surprised me when I first filled it fully.

Currently 188k Miles, which is a drop in the ocean to what these vans can do.

The non-boring stuff

In the 4 years owning my van I’ve never scrimped on giving it anything it needed, along with regular servicing at a local VAG specialist and generally actually caring for it unlike most other vehicles i’ve owned.

The van currently sits at 186k miles, and as i’m sure you are aware is relatively low in T4 terms. The engines are bomb proof if looked after and is surely good for the same miles again.

When I purchased the van on 140000 miles I had the usual culprits attended to,
• Timing belt and water pump along with a good service as although the guy said they were done there was no invoice backing this up and always better to be safe than sorry!
• Brakes and Pads.
• Along with a brand new exhaust from Cat to back because it sounded like an F1 car/Tractor.

Once all that was sorted I began the refit, and i’ll do my best to describe all work carried out but i’m sure i’ve missed some bits out.
•Lowered on Eibach springs, not cheap eBay jobs and not low enough to cause any kind of hindrance or scraping. (I know the synchro purist would hate the fact its lowered)
•Middle and rear tinted windows fitted.
•Fully insulated, sound deadened the panels and ply lined in the grey Mega Van Mats carpet.
•Ply floor with a Altro floor in black.
•Table post and stand fitted, along with the adapter for the table top (I have recently just taken off that so you will need to source a table top of your liking.
•Full leisure battery system, professionally installed with a big battery in the rear. Even camping a way for a week, sat up, lights, charging phones, TV on without driving the leisure battery never once left full charge.
USB Sockets, Rear internal lighting, Colour changing ‘mood lighting’ under cabinets and cigarette plug socket in the rear all running off the leisure battery.
•Roof lining redone in black including the cab and sun-visors.
•Dash, door cards and A Pillar covers all painted black. (The door handles, window winders and some patches could do with a new lick of paint).
•The front Captains seat (with fully working and solid armrests) and the double cab seat have been trimmed in black and blue by an auto upholster friend of mine.
•Rear 3/4 rock and roll bed from Autobeds, with belts. This again was then trimmed to match the front seats by my upholster mate.
•Cabinets down the side with a table in the middle that can be taken out/put in.
•Curtains in all windows and a cab separating curtain from Van X.
•Mercedes Vito 16” Wheels with spigots with 1000’s of miles left on the tyres. Always planned on getting them banded but never got round to it in the end.
•Front fogs fitted along with the VR6 light switch inside. The fogs need new bulbs as they got wet, and could do with being sealed to prevent this happening again (common problem so it appears)
•Gear stick extension with a pool ball knob.
•New stereo and speakers under the R&R bed.
•Custom dash insert (made by myself so it’s not overly OEM looking, I would probably go back and make another if I was to keep the van) which fits an iPad mini, I used this for maps and as a media centre when hooked up to the stereo.
•Dubflecta wind deflectors.

In the last month she’s REALLY had the treatment, and all of these have been done in the last 1000 miles. It seems a bit counter productive doing all of this before selling but as mentioned, if I think it needed doing, it gets done. Prevention is better than the cure and all that and it gives me piece of mind selling the van, and in theory should mean there is very little for you will need to do for miles.

Another timing belt and water pump (Invoices for proof).
•New Fuel Filter.
•BRAND NEW Battery.
•New Starter motor.
• Fuel pump recondition (Had a leaky seal).
•BRAND NEW Clutch (The only major thing to have gone on the van, was making a bit of a whine so brand new clutch fitted.).
•BRAND NEW Glow plugs.
• Rear arches were showing the usual signs of bubbling so had those cut out, new ones welded in and painted in the striking blue colour.
• And a bit of an electrical issue which seems to have gone away since I took out the fuse box shouted at it and put it back in. (I guess something was loose)

The not as good stuff
•The Syncro rear diff and other bits and pieces have been removed, we’re now a SyncNo. The rear diff needs a recondition after I put on a different profile tyre on one corner (The spare). I then drove home and have warped something in the dif, it’s now sat in my garage. All other shafts, viscous coupling and other bits are fine, or at least were when removed. They can either be sold along with the van if you want to take it back to it’s 4x4 status (rare nowadays) or can be sold without, obviously get in touch and we can discuss that in the price.
•The van itself is nearly 20 years old, it’s not going to drive like a brand new car, and you won’t be overtaking many people on single roads. Despite having the new arches and a fresh bit of paint the body work isn’t ‘brand new car’ immaculate but is presentable for it’s age with very minor paint chips and only really one noticeable mark on the rear bumper (The bollard came out of nowhere, honest). It could do with a polish and possible t-cut to bring it back to lovely-jubbly.
•The roof originally had a little spiny thing on the top which was so annoying when trying to sleep and any wind picked up. This got removed and a metal panel riveted/sealed on to that. Obviously this doesn’t look the nicest but I planned on fitting a pop top down the line so never worried about it. Plus it’s over 6ft in the air so I definitely can’t see it.
•In the rock and roll bed is a tiny tear (Pictured). I was using it to transport a sheet of wood to my new house, which happened to have a nail left in. Pictured close up so you can see the damage. It hasn’t grown since then and can apparently be professional glued for a pretty small fee.
• As mentioned earlier the handles on the interior door handles could do with a new lick of paint.
• New side door step needed as the one in currently has a crack, I was going to replace this soon so may well already be done by the time you come to look.
• The sliding door has the usual issue of it just being quite frankly poor at doing it's one job of sliding.
•A nice polish would not go a miss.

Other than that Big Blue has been almost faultless for the years I’ve owned her and it’s nothing more than fancying a change that she is up for sale. I’m sure i’ll miss the lifestyle that comes with owning a VW Van but sure it’s only a temporary lack of judgement on behalf of myself and i’ll see sense and get a new one soon.

Any questions I’m more than happy to help out and if you want to come take a look and kick some tyres feel free to get in touch to arrange. Thanks for looking and reading!

I'm looking for £5,500 but happy to discuss what you think it could be worth. It's currently located in PE10 postcode in my parents garage but can bring it my house near Stamford if that suits a visit easier. As mentioned, although it's not being used i'm in no rush to sell and with the price only going up I won't be dropping my trousers for you unfortunately.

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Is your van still available? I'm based in Norwich so not too far for me to get to Peterborough to view (perhaps one day next week if it's still for sale). Does the asking price include the rear diff parts or are these extra? Thanks, Tom.
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