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VW T4 2.5 tdi

This is my one off camper van with new unique solid oak conversion, fully insulated and carpeted with great waterproof carpet.

She comes with a smev sink with working running water and gas, black glass top. Heat protector strips next to hob so not to damage worktop. Under is double doors that contains....

Fresh and waist water containers, full gas bottle. Shelf in front to keep them all in place, all doors have push catches fitted which looks great as no handles needed. On the end panel behind the drivers door is a chrome socket that works when the van is plugged in to the mains. To the right of this is a slimline cupboard with 3 compartments.

To the right again are two draws, one of which has a cutlery tray in it, they have a simple locking device to stop them come open when driving, under the draws are where the leisure battery, inverter and fuses are kept. Also the auto switchover switch for charging the leisure battery.

Above the draws on the worktop is a brand new built in microwave, this works when the van is plugged into the mains. There is a cupboard above this with a push latch. On the end panel next to the window is a double chrome socket which runs off of the leisure battery and a 600w inverter. Next to this is a 12v cigarette lighter socket. Above there is a triple chrome light switch for the led ceiling lights.

On the end next to the microwave is a fair sized cupboard with two compartments

As you look into the van with the rear door open on the right, under the worktop is a massive stepped cupboard where the wheel arch is, there is another double socket that works off the main, this is where the microwave plugs in. Still looking into the van from the rear with the door open, under the seat/bed you have two doors to access the storage under the bed/seat.

Looking at the seat/bed from inside the van you have a single door to access the front storage, either side on the door are two infinity 6x9 speakers, the speaker on the right has another 12v cigarette lighter socket.

The seat/bed has proper seat belts fitted to the van, there is a chrome handle on the right to pull the seat up and forward to make it into a nice sized bed.

The front passenger seat has a swivel plate fitted that gives the van loads more usable space. Under both seats are another two infinity 6x9 speakers facing the rear of the van.

There are loads of LEDs in the ceiling ranging from 3-10mm, there are 3 rows of 10mm, 4 rows of 5mm, 2 rows of 3mm RED These are on two different switch's depending on what mood you are in.

Behind the right rear reflector is the special camper plug that gives you mains power on sites.

At the front of the van next to the side door is a small digital TV with a magnetic digital aerial, it has a remote so you can operate when in bed on the back. This is also connected to the DVD stereo unit in the front, you can watch DVDs on the TV in the back and you can listen to the TV through all the speakers.

The DVD stereo head unit in the dash is a great little bit of kit, it has a remote so you can operate when in bed on the back. Under this on the floor is a 4 channel 1200w amp.

The van has a small portable 12v fan heater that really takes the chill off on a cold night.

It has silver lined thermal window covers for the front and side windows which makes the van pitch black inside. All the windows in the back are tinted and have curtains which are double lined with tie backs and work really well.

I have fitted wind deflectors to the front windows, also a bonnet bra as well. She has electric windows and mirrors

The 2.5 engine (very clean) works and runs great with no odd noises, she has never let me down and been well looked after. She has done 110,000 miles, a lot of service history with her as well as another two keys, two have remote locking and the other one to put in your wet suit if you want to go surfing.

She has 4 month old 18inch alloys and tyres which are in good condition with the odd scuff here and there.

The Tax Runs out in April, and the mot in may.

She has a few marks and scratches on the front bumper, the bumper isn't damaged, could poss need a bit of touch up or a re-spray. Also the rear bumper on the right has a couple of scratch and again could do with a touch up. There is a random blob of rust on the petrol flap as well. You can look at the photos to see.

I think I have said everything and have been honest about the bad bits, if you would like more info then please contact me, you can message me on here or ring me on 07888 700302.

There is a low reserve on this and also she is being advertised else where as well.

If you would like an oak conversion like this or tailored just for you the get in touch and I can give you a price!!

Cash on collection, I live in North Devon


Good luckT::)A::ILU::cool::DRasp:;)LOL:H:
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