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I was hoping that the collective wisdom of the T5 forum might help me shed a little light (pardon the pun) on the mystery fog lights which i have on my 2007 t5.

I purchased my t5 recently and the previous owner mentioned that one of the fog lights needed replacing. What he didn't mention was that it was a non standard part, so subsequent trips to Andrew Page/ VW etc have provided a lot of comedy head scratching but a total lack of solutions to the problem...!

They are approximately 5-10mm smaller in width than the standard t5 fog lights, and look like this:

Anyone know where i can find another bulb for these, or should i just buy a new set of plates, respray them and move on over to the standard fog lights? I'm thinking someone is bound to have had a piar of these as well....?!

Any advice would be much appreciated!
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